Engagement Party - 19/05/07

The engagement party went exceedingly well although there were some hiccups in the preparations.

Donna had been organising decorations, food, tables and chairs, entertainment and nearly everything else. Donna's mum, Carol, had been preparing food since Thursday, working nearly full time. Simon's parents, Richard and Friede, organised the wine. And lots of work in between. I had developed some DVDs with a big serving of help from Donna. Then decided to redo the entire production at the last minute in a much more flexible and entertaining format using FotoMagico.

The evening started just on dusk as people started to arrive and were greeted with a feast of delicious finger food. When they were suitably fed and offered a choice from the wide range of beverages, most people made their way out to the back where conversation started. The entertaining rolling slide show of over 900 random images without people (well very few) providing a talking point, but generally people didn't need much to get the talk going.

Conversation and laughter rang throughout the evening.

After 9pm we ran a 15 minute presentation of photos depicting highlights and humour from Donna & Simon's relationship over the last 5 years. Laughter and applause were high tribute, thank you guys!

A trailer from the upcoming movie Atomic Armageddon was played with commentary by the writer and director: Darren Bennett.

A short heart felt speech from Ray was very much appreciated.

Then as the middle of the night approached - the karaoke machine came out. This is where the hard core party goers stayed on until 2am when we had to shut down to protect the sanity of the neighbours.

Once again, thank you everybody for making this such a special evening for Simon and Donna. Thank you Ray and Carol for hosting this event, and special thanks to Carol for cooking up such a delightful selection of food!

Please feel free to check out the photos from the night!

- Simon & Donna

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