Europe - Germany

A tour through Germany to visit my mother’s many wonderful relatives.

Europe - Switzerland

Visit my elder sister in the wonderful little Bremblins.

Europe - Scotland

Edinburgh castle
Back to the fatherland, where the Forsyth’s originate. To some degree.

Europe - England

Journey to England, to visit my sister who just gave birth and tour around a bit. This is the last trip that I used film.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea
1992 to 2001: I have travelled to Papua New Guinea over a dozen times for a couple weeks at time, to help people with various issues there, and PNG needs a lot of help. I stayed mostly in Port Moresby but also had the pleasure of travelling to some of the outer areas; Mt Hagen, Lae and Rabaul. We are so very lucky in Australia.

Thursday Island

Thursday Island
Helping out with infrastructure at our Thursday Island office. The image above is not the office, you run across these small war time buildings as you walk around the island.